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SDCC 2019 Power Ranger Panel Nick Laub

At SDCC and NYTF I helped represent the brand and talk about the upcoming products.


At Hasbro I was fortunate to be a part of the design team that worked on many brands. These brands range from Star Wars, Marvel, Overwatch, and many more. Primarily I worked on Power Rangers.  

For the Overwatch line, I was a part of the designing of the 6" Overwatch Ultimates line, Role Play items, and other items not currently released.

For Power Rangers I was a part of establishing and designing lines from the basic core line with basic figures and accessories, kid role play items, as well complex electronic items like the Beast Morphers Morpher.  I was also key in the design of the Lightning Collection which ranges from 6 inch collectable figures, wearable helmets, 12 inch Zords, and complex electronic items such as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Morpher, and the Green Ranger Dragon Dagger. There are many more items that are still on their way to shelves!


Below you can see a small selection of some of my favorite items in the lines.  


I was also on a number of interview and panels talking about the products.

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